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Daily Mail Online Tablet


The MailOnline (Daily Mail) tablet app offers you a unique way to experience the latest and top content from the worlds largest English-language newspaper website, at your leisure and wherever you are, for free!Our app has been designed for Android tablet devices. We have many features that will allow you to stay up to date with the latest news, celebrity gossip, sport, health, technology and gadgets, money, pictures and more.
FEATURES:• Over 15 Channels of must-read articles and photos - thats over 600+ original stories every day!• Offline Mode: Pre-load stories & galleries to access when youre offline or without reception - great for commutes!• Select a Location: Choose from US, UK or Rest of World to ensure you get the news most relevant to you.• Express Yourself: Post your Comments on articles or Rate other users comments that you like or dislike.• Custom Settings: Select when data and images sync based on your preferred connection (Wi-Fi or 3G).• Choose which Channels you want to sync and when. We recommend that you do a Wi-Fi sync at the beginning of your day so you have access all-day long, even without a connection.
Enjoy the MailOnline tablet app, download it for free and get started today!